AEDP Supervision

From the beginning of my exposure to AEDP, I have been compelled by the way this model facilitates and deepens positive change — in the therapist as well as the client. Like AEDP therapy, AEDP supervision is fundamentally experiential and transformance-oriented. It is a process governed by the motto “rigour without shame” and it is profoundly dyadic, affirmative, and empowering.

As my practice has deepened and been enriched by the influence of my mentors in the AEDP community, my participation in the 16-session research project, my experiences assisting at Essential Skills 1 & 2 in New York, my workshops in Toronto and Austin and monthly seminars in Toronto, moving into supervision has been a very natural progression. I am currently an AEDP supervisor-in-training under a senior faculty member of the AEDP Institute, and working towards the qualifying requirements of supervisor with the CRPO here in Ontario. Below is the sense of AEDP as a compass that emerged for me during the Immersion course with Diana Fosha and continues to inform me and how I seek to show up as both therapist and supervisor:

compass image

The terrain we traverse as therapists and as clients is not two-dimensional, as a map is. If we treat it as such, we can only ever work from state one, top-down, left-brain insight. If we are to have the courage requires to move down towards state four alongside our clients, we must be willing to surrender — not just once but again and again — the points on the map that we have relied upon, the things we thought we knew, the theories and labels that reveal themselves to be inadequate to the task of being-with. More succinctly, we must be willing to be changed. The compass does not presume a destination or a course that can be viewed objectively from the point of departure, as a map does; it only points in a particular direction. In the case of AEDP, the axioms of “stay with it” and “stay with me” and the attunement to the phenomenology of transformance orient us towards a true north that may be different with every client in each moment of every session, but which both people recognized unreservedly once we are there.