Welcome. My name is Kristina and I live and work on the sacred land of Tkaronto (Toronto, Canada), which has been the site of human habitation for 15,000 years. My deep gratitude to all ancestors and keepers of these lands I am working to move into right relationship with.

My path has taken many turns and I’m in the midst of one now, as I seek out ways to decolonize my practice and life, and to broaden the definitions of healing as I have understood them.

As an experiential psychotherapist and a human, I have worked extensively to re-integrate parts of the self that have become segregated by complex trauma. In particular, the wounded and protective parts that are severed from each other must be located and reintegrated for any of us to become whole again.

As a teacher, former academic, and clinical supervisor, I have been interested in building learning communities and transmitting both the hope and rigour involved in understanding the psyche-soma and healing ourselves and others.

As a practicing Buddhist, I believe in the interconnectedness and liberation of all beings, and that living apart from these truths creates collective, violent delusion.

In this moment, as a white person descended from settlers of and immigrants to Canada, I find myself called to seek out and co-create communities dedicated to the work of collective healing and liberation from what has made the dominant society, and everyone within it, so unwell. You can read more about my views on therapy as liberation here.

If you would like to know more about me, you can read this. If you are also called to do this work in some capacity, please feel free to contact me.